Want fruit for the office? You got it

Not only does a big bowl o’ fruit look good, but we’re pretty sure that you get healthier by just looking at it. Add to the usual snacks and treat your team with an office fruit box. Get started today and discover how Good Monday will make your workplace deliciously fruity.

Image: Want fruit for the office? You got it

Fruit for work?

Oh yeah. And we’re not talking about floury apples and bruised bananas: we’re talking peaches, kiwis, mangoes, and lychee. And it’s not just fruit. We’ve got your favourite on-the-go snacks that will keep your sugar levels high and taste buds delighted.

Image: Vetted suppliers and negotiated rates

Vetted suppliers and negotiated rates

Our fruit and snack providers are qualified and vetted by yours truly, and we’ve got exclusive rates just for you.

Image: Sweet ‘n’ salty

Sweet ‘n’ salty

From vegan treats and juicy plums to raw bars and ethically sourced chocolate and nuts, there’s something for every kind of craving.

Image: Have a banana!

Have a banana!

Fruit drops are one of those little perks that really makes a difference, not only to how your workplace is perceived, but also to your teams’ minds and bodies!

Image: Bring your own suppliers

Bring your own suppliers

If you’ve got yourself a fruit and snack supplier you love but still want in on Good Monday - bring them with you! The more the merrier

Image: Is Good Monday a fruit and snack company?

Is Good Monday a fruit and snack company?

Heck no! We're the leading workplace management platform, baby. And we're here to change your office. For good.

Sounds good, right?

Start your free trial today, and find out how Good Monday will cover all your fruit and snack needs - and so much more.

Image: Book a demo

Book a demo

Have a commitment-free chat with us and see if you like what you hear.

Image: Start your free trial

Start your free trial

Give us a task we can help you with, sit back, and wait for the proposals.

Image: Accept and repeat

Accept and repeat

Throw whatever else you've got at us, and take a break. You've earned it.

A perfect fit for any office and any role

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I love having a single tool for managing all my requests, invoices, and contracts. I no longer have to spend hours trawling the internet for ideas or companies.

Chief happiness officer, Figma

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Good Monday has been a great resource in helping with everyday and unconventional office requests. They go above and beyond and the companies they work with are terrific.

Office manager, Secret Escapes

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Good Monday is a dream for our workplace team. I love that we can see everything in one place and multiple team members can see what's coming up.

Senior workplace manager, Depop

Stop running your office like it's the 80s

Get everything you need to run a future-proof office in one place. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also make your workplace one worth coming into.

Image: The new hybrid workplace

The new hybrid workplace

The rise in flexible work has increased the complexity of running an office and means that your office needs to be as attractive to people as their own homes.

Image: Combined with the old

Combined with the old

And this is on top of finding and managing multiple vendors, handling day-to-day tasks, and fielding all the unexpected requests and random questions you get. Phew.

Image: That's where we come in

That's where we come in

No matter if you need event catering, a toilet fixed, Christmas presents, or beer on tap, we've got local vetted vendors ready and waiting. Make a request and get the job done.