A little somethin' somethin' for everyone

No two companies are the same. On Good Monday you'll find services and partners for every need and budget.

Image: A little somethin' somethin' for everyone
Image: Workspace essentials

Workspace essentials

From cleaning to auto stocked office consumables there are no workspace essentials you won't find on Good Monday. All provided by our curated network of local service providers. Most popular: Office Cleaning, Handymen, Window Cleaning, and Plants.

Image: Food & drinks

Food & drinks

Choose from a never-ending range of high-quality options. These range from arranging office catering to ensuring your team get the fruit and snacks they crave on a daily basis. You can also ensure your team never go thirsty with our partners vast drinks selections. Most popular: Coffee, Fruit and Drinks.

Image: Perks & treats

Perks & treats

Order and setup employee perks and treats as you wish. Anniversary Gifts, Massage, Yoga or booming Friday Bars. You'll find everything your office needs and more. Create the perfect set of perks for all your employees including both one time services and on-going perks. Most popular: Flowers, Massage and Gifts.

Image: Events


Great events require careful planning and often endless contact with multiple service partners. On Good Monday you can gather all your event needs with one provider or multiple, all while maintaining one point of contact. You'll find Staff Parties, Conferences, Team-building and anything you can imagine for all budgets and demands. Most popular: Team Building, Conferences, and Staff Parties.

Image: Business essentials

Business essentials

Empower your company and workspace by gathering all your essential building blocks in one place. From Internet, Insurance and Telecommunications to the hardware that get's your workspace and employees going. We've got you covered. Most popular: Hardware, IT-support, Insurance and Internet.

Image: Staff


In need of an extra set of practical hands on deck every once in a while? With a Good Monday trained and hired Office Assistant or Receptionist you're only a click away from extra onsite help. They will help staff your front desk, set up for lunch, or tidy the office during work hours. Most Popular: Office Assistant and Lunch Help.

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All vetted for your convenience

Image: References and reviews

References and reviews

Prior to initiating partner onboarding we carefully vet them by reviewing their customer feedback, customer service and references.

Image: Partners not suppliers

Partners not suppliers

We meet and greet all of our partners and negotiate terms across services to benefit our users. It is very important to us that this is a partnership not a subsupplier relationship.

Image: Ongoing quality control

Ongoing quality control

With user feedback and rating we continuously review all of our partners on a regular basis. If the quality of a given service falls short of our minimum standards, it is removed from Good Monday.

But what about your current service providers?

On Good Monday you only pick and choose the services you want and need. If you would like your current service providers to join you can always recommend them to us and we'll reach out to see if there's a fit.

Image: Good Monday is always there for you

Good Monday is always there for you

Our team of Customer Care Specialists will always be on hand to support you and have your back in all service related matters. They will also happily negotiate prices and service deliveries on your behalf!