Customer Story

Planday is a technology company born in Denmark. With more than 12 years of experience within their industry, they have made scheduling and communicating easier and more straightforward.

Planday has 180 happy employees spread across 6 offices worldwide who serve clients in 39 countries. They have an impressive 250% annual growth rate.


Due to the rapid growth the Office Manager at Planday, Rikke Bæk Pedersen experienced an increase in work tasks both nationally and internationally. Time became a rare commodity and led to many quick fixes.

Before Good Monday I was spending a lot of my time on mindless stuff on-the-fly to make sure everything was floating. My time was limited as office duties were increasing along with Planday expanding.I was working remote from the London office and at times I felt like I was losing grip of the Danish office. I had a lot of different supplier agreements to keep track of and at times I was missing a straightforward overview of all activities happening in the Copenhagen office.



Rikke Bæk Pedersen made acquaintance with Good Monday in August 2018 and realized that this turnkey solution for office management was the right tool to help her run the office. The Good Monday platform gives access to endless services, full control and flexibility and a complete overview of your office.

This solution releases time for making good decisions for the workspace and the overall environment at work. The era of quick fixes is over!

I use Good Monday to e.g. book qualified ad hoc services such as handymen, office assistants, extra cleaning and conference planning. I no longer have to surf the Internet to find a handyman at a reasonable price and I don’t have to worry about the quality of the service I book.

Good Monday gives easy access to endless services but also provides an overview of all subscriptions and ad hoc activities in the office.

Even though the office is still running on several services I now only have one point of contact - Good Monday. It’s an enormous relief to avoid speaking with 40 different suppliers on a weekly basis and I know that Good Monday finds the right person for the job.

The platform provides different features to help run the office; a calendar to keep track of upcoming office activities. Furthermore, invoices are uploaded on the platform on a monthly basis to provide a financial overview.



Rikke emphasises 3 positive outcomes since she started using the Good Monday platform.


My decision to go on Good Monday has proven to be the right one. Now I have more time to help define a cultural direction in terms of health at the office and employee experience. I no longer spend my precious time on basic hygiene tasks related to the office.


Besides releasing time for more important tasks, Rikke underlines a structured stock control of e.g. cleaning supplies and the fact that all dialogue with suppliers such as cleaning is structured through Good Monday.


Last but not least, Rikke mentions flexibility as a positive outcome from using the Good Monday platform. Planday is no longer tied to long term contracts with various suppliers and they can hire a specific service or an office helper in no time if they are out of hands.

Favourite features:

One of my favourite features is the automated invoicing. It’s no longer my concern to pass on invoices from multiple suppliers to our finance department. I can solely focus on developing guidelines for creating a healthy and happy work environment. And that’s right where my focus should be!I really like the notification system on the platform! This means that I am always kept in the loop concerning different ongoing orders. Moreover, they often work as an inspiration for small initiatives e.g. chocolate eggs during Easter, ice cream on a hot summer day or a rosé bar. That’s pretty cool!