Customer Story

Likvido is a Danish FinTech company that has set out to make invoicing and collection simpler, easier and more efficient. They launched their SaaS solution in January 2017 and have already helped more than 1000+ companies with quicker payment, combining technology, law and behavioural psychology.


Jannick Christensen is Client Sales Manager at Likvido. In addition to managing a team of Sales Development Representatives, his job also entails speaking to prospects, creating good customer relations and onboarding new clients. Needless to say, Jannick is a busy man. This means that he has next to no time to make sure that the workplace runs smoothly, a task he recently took over from Likvido’s CEO as the company is rapidly growing in size.

"We were 11 people in the Copenhagen office when we first started on Good Monday, but we’re now closer to 20 people," Jannick explains.

Before signing on with Good Monday the day-to-day process was, as Jannick puts it, "chaotic". "We had to go to the closest supermarket to buy the basic products needed - and always after the last roll of toilet tissue had been used. The process for when to restock was rarely followed, and the quality of the cleaning solution we had before varied greatly."

It’s part of the culture in a startup - things are only done right before you reach the breaking point.

More than that, it was also time-consuming for Jannick to research a whole host of different suppliers for a single service, ordering the weekly groceries online, and communicating with up to 15 contacts at the various companies.

It’s easy to Google and order things online, but it’s even easier when you don’t have to do any of that at all!
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Having a single platform where you can find all of the different items and services needed for managing an office was key for Likvido: We were looking for a provider for catered lunch, and came across Good Monday.

Once we realised how many different services are offered through the platform, it was really a ‘no-brainer’ for us - and the C-level staff were immediately on board too. You can find a solution to whatever you need very quickly. The path to solving an issue for your employees has become shorter.

Jannick and one of his colleagues both have access to the Good Monday platform: "It’s so simple and easy to use. Even logging in is hasslefree! I’ve saved so much time using Good Monday which I can now spend on more important and valuable assignments such as talking to customers."

Another benefit has been an increase in employee satisfaction.

Good Monday makes the workplace a nicer place to spend your day, and it makes the employees happier. There’s no longer any frustration that we’ve run out of something - we avoid that completely with Good Monday. It’s stable and the services are of high quality.

Jannick has seen no extra tasks or unpleasant surprises with Good Monday, and it has met all of his expectations. "It does what it says on the box! We also have an office in Ukraine, so let me know if you’re thinking of opening there too."

Likvido Case Study 3

Favorite features

"My favourite things about Good Monday would have to be your Customer Care team. They are incredibly service-minded, helpful and friendly too." Jannick replies to the final question around the best thing about being a Good Monday customer.

Also, the flexibility that is built into the platform and services. You can add services or pause them during holidays, or alter the number for next week’s lunch so easily.Good Monday adds structure to those things we normally don’t notice and take for granted when going to work. You help us take care of the basics that just have to be in order.