Customer Story

Goodiebox is a beauty subscription service sending out a box full of happiness and beauty products once a month to all their members. They began their journey in 2012 in a small warehouse in Valby, Denmark. Since then, they have expanded to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Goodiebox is in rapid growth. During the last year and a half, they have tripled their membership base; increasing the total amount of members from 11.000 to 100.000+. Furthermore, they have created an entire universe around their product which is based on the idea of creating happy moments i.a. through their podcast, HappyPods.


Meet Line Vendelbo, young, female leader and Director of Partnerships at Goodiebox in Copenhagen. Along with managing a team of partnership managers, she is responsible for deciding and selecting the themes and products that go into the boxes for their members. 3 years ago, Line joined Goodiebox as then Partnership Manager. She quickly became responsible for everything related to office management along with her main assignments as Partnership Manager. This side task quickly became a headache and a source of frustration: "I would find a random supplier every time we needed toner for the printer or something needed to be fixed. There was no system to it."

If something stopped working, I would call the janitor. If we ran out of milk, I would go to Netto. I spent a lot of time on these tasks, it was inefficient and led to a lot of frustration.

Line adds: "All of the smaller office management related tasks that could easily be fixed suddenly became overwhelming because it took so much time.

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With Goodiebox’s accelerated growth in mind, it is perhaps an understatement to say that things were moving fast at their office. "We started using Good Monday when Goodiebox first took hold and we started expanding rapidly." It was Line’s manager that first introduced her to the platform: "I instantly liked it. It was like an epiphany when I realised how much Good Monday could offer." She continues: "I was able to gather everything related to office management in one place and not having to deal with 40 different invoices and points of contacts each month."

It has been a huge advantage that I didn’t have to deal with several different invoices each month - now everything is gathered in one invoice.

Line explains how it was all of the additional services that mattered to her: "I never expected that I could use Good Monday for anything other than the practical tasks, but you can get help with so much more. And that’s what really made a difference to me. My manager was determined to create the happiest working environment by ensuring that all of the practical things were working so that the employees could focus on what’s important." She elaborates: "One thing is that the basics are in order, but doing something special for the employees, having events and creating memories is important and plays a big part in employee satisfaction and motivation."

These are the sort of things that make you happy to go to work in the morning - we can even see it in our Employee Engagement surveys after an event. They just take a lot of time and effort to arrange. Having Good Monday has been a game-changer. I’ve saved so much time - and frustration.

As Goodiebox continued to grow and Line advanced in her role, there was a need to hire in designated and expert resources for office management.

We’re several people using the Good Monday platform now. Of course our office manager, but I also still take care of some of the event planning.

"Currently I am in the midst of searching for Christmas presents, and it is such a relief to have Good Monday help with that. That’s the reason I just love Good Monday more and more."

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Favorite features

When asked what Line likes best about Good Monday, she points out 3 things:

It’s super easy to use and very intuitive!

“And, of course, the customer care team is very responsive. It makes me very happy to be in contact with nice people who go the extra mile to help me out with random tasks - it’s the small things that matter!” She continues: “Like ourselves, Good Monday is on a happiness mission, and I feel you’ve succeeded 100% in spreading happiness because of your presence and excellent service.”