Customer Story

Founders Management is a tech start-up studio headquartered in Copenhagen. Over the past 6 years, Founders has co-founded 12 tech companies and their portfolio of companies ranging from start-ups developing apps and tech products such as Pleo to innovative, industry-disruptive offerings like Son of Tailor.


Rebecca McCombe is Manager of Work Environment at Founders. Her job mainly involves event planning and any part of interior design along with the general office management tasks.

When Rebecca first took on the job she faced several challenges. Having just moved to Denmark and not knowing Copenhagen particularly well, it was difficult to find the right solutions and service suppliers.

It was a new country for me and I didn’t have any work routines or loyalty to certain service suppliers. And in addition, I had never been an Office Manager before.
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Rebecca also mentions the complexity in taking over tasks from the former Office Manager:

I found it extremely difficult navigating lots of different spreadsheets, random supplier lists - it was all over the shop.

She adds that the handover process could have been a lot quicker, had everything been gathered in one place i.a. communication, contracts and invoicing.

Having a single solution where you can find all necessary services and gather all communication was, therefore, essential for Rebecca. Accordingly, signing on to the Good Monday platform was an obvious choice:

It was really easy to jump on the Good Monday platform and find what I was looking for. I would go through the different services and realise how many new services that I could get off my hands and ask Good Monday to handle for me.

For Rebecca to focus on her primary tasks, she was set to automate as many of the basic office management tasks as possible:

With Good Monday I was hoping to streamline some of the basic office operations like coffee, snacks, cleaning and linen. All those things are fundamental to the office and I didn’t really want to think about it. With Good Monday I just don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Additionally, it was essential to gather everything related to office management to avoid spending time on searching for documents, contracts and old conversations:

It has been a huge advantage having it all in one place, and I get reminders so I can keep track of different activities happening and see what we have ordered historically.
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Another benefit has been a higher quality of services:

The cleaners that we have now are cheaper and much better than our previous ones. Overall, I think the products and services we are using through Good Monday have a higher standard of quality, and it makes the office a much better place to be in.The suppliers we use through Good Monday are super responsive. I don’t even know when my coffee machine has been fixed - it just happens so quickly - if it needs fixing it’s just done.

Rebecca also highlights the fact that the platform works as a seasonal inspiration:

At the moment you have a lot of Christmas stuff up on the platform, and during the summer you had the rosé bar and summer party. It is basically a one-stop-shop for everything outside your basic office requirements too. I could easily have found a Christmas tree myself, but then I would have had to get someone to pick it up and remove it again after - there are so many pain points even doing one small thing. With Good Monday it’s just dealt with.
One of my favourite things about Good Monday is the fact that all the services have been streamlined and that time can be used on more important and fun things.

Also, Rebecca highlights her experience with customer care on her journey with Good Monday:

I think the customer care team is amazing! They are really helpful in dealing with suppliers and things that are otherwise time-consuming, and I always get a response very quickly.I love that I can come to Good Monday with any question concerning office management and the customer care team will get back to me with a quote or advise me in a certain direction. Good Monday just makes life a heck of a lot easier!